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Adam steiner

a burndt out ward

A Burndt Out Ward is a performed extract of Adam Steiner's 'to be' published book entitled Politics of The Asylum which is set to hit the shelves in 2015.

Politics of the Asylum is a nightmare vision of the NHS seen through the eyes of a ward cleaner, Nathan Finewax, who struggles to make sense of his environment and avoid becoming a patient within the ward himself.

Adam Steiner is a writer, creative arts practitioner and propagandist.


Adam Steiner is a writer, poetic performer and creative sector practitioner. He has performed and read his written work, mostly fiction and poetry, throughout Warwickshire (Big Comfy Bookshop, Fire & Dust, Word Up!) and beyond, Free Word Centre, London; Durham University, Cork, Bantry and Limerick. Adam writes about the NHS, and will be publishing his first novel in 2015 entitled Politics of the Asylum.