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by JACK WRIGHTON in collaboration with THE COLLECTIVE


"This is the nearest I've got. He said that it was in wild places we could be who we truly are, spent his whole life looking for somewhere he felt connected. He never found it. But I have. I’m here.”

Fiona has returned home. The money her father left her has dried up, and the travels he instructed her to take have ended. What she finds, however, is not the home she left but a place in which she feels ill at ease, a place which feels alien. Gradually she becomes consumed by memories and by the same sense of impending doom that tormented her father. She runs away and finds herself in the sad remains of the once-great forest of Arden.

Arden is a play about belonging, isolation, and what it means to be a human in an increasingly complex world.


Jack Wrighton is a playwright and director working and living in the Midlands, whose plays have been performed both nationally and abroad.

His play Our Lords and Masters in their Human Form was performed at the Exeter Northcott theatre. In 2016 he worked as an associate director for London-based company Duelling Productions (No Quarter). 

The Collective emerged as a group of aspiring theatre-makers local to Stratford-upon-avon. Through workshops, play readings, and staging new work they engage with contemporary theatre practice.  


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