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AShley jordan

there's no black in the union jack

Through contemporary dance, verbatim theatre and film, ‘There’s No Black in the Union Jack’ articulates the experiences of black people migrating from the West Indies to Britain in the two decades following WW2.

Using a dynamic physical vocabulary, ‘There’s No Black in the Union Jack’ narrates one man’s journey from the Caribbean to the UK, exposing the impenetrable prejudice faced by black people and their families as they tried to integrate into British society.

‘There’s No Black in the Union Jack’ questions the meaning of home, belonging, ignorance and acceptance, and leads us to reflect on today’s social climate- how much have British attitudes really changed?


Ashley graduated from the University of Chichester, with BA (hons) Dance degree and MA degree in Dance Performance (MAPdance).

He is an emerging solo dance artist with the primary aim of creating thought provoking dance theatre. He has a particular interest in how dance, film and text can merge to deliver witty, powerful social commentaries. As you might have guessed from the bold title ‘There’s no Black in the Union Jack’, the show he is presenting at Shoot Festival, is no exception to this

As a young, black dancer, Ashley created this piece as part of his MA dissertation and is now looking to showcase the work in the public domain and gain feedback from new and engaged audiences.