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A Coventry based artist making energetic paintings which combine found and untreated materials with various mark making techniques to explore the human condition

Chidera Ugada is a Nigerian born artist and makes artwork incorporating mixed media in the field of painting and drawing. After completing his BA in Fine Art at Coventry University in 2015, Chidy embarked on a studio residency at The Pod. He exhibited in their first Scratch the Surface exhibition in 2016 and a solo exhibition at the Pod later that year. He is currently a studio holder at Artspace Eaton House.
A regular feature in his work is the distortion of images usually sourced from newspapers whilst on commute or photos taken on mobile phone.
Most recently, Chidy has been testing techniques such as using texture contrasts, collage and engraving within painting to produce images that are more evocative. The objects of play on each piece are usually taken from different stories both real & imaginary, intertwining to create a new visual experience. 
Follow Chidera on Instagram: _gada07

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