Shoot Festival

A diverse new festival which platforms the best of Coventry and Warwickshire's up and coming talent



Story Stew is an exciting new venture that brings traditional storytelling together with digital technology to create an inspiring and fun-filled storytelling performance that children and families will love!

Story-stew is followed by a fifteen minute play-time in which children (and big children) will be invited to interact with the digital drawing technology used in the performance.


Glow is a new visual and performing arts organisation that provides multi-media workshops and performances to children, young people and families. Inspired by stories new and old, Glow aims to build confidence and inspire new audiences.

Glow was founded by Gloria and Francis Lowe, both of whom are determined to engage all people in theatre and the arts, whatever their story, background or ability. Together they hope to bring traditional storytelling together with digital technology in a fusion that they hope will offer audiences a new and exciting experience.