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hs emerge

platform 'x'

A group of daily commuters sit waiting for a train, each of them absorbed in their own worlds, and shut off from the others by their headphones. But looking closer, we start to realise that there is more to the group than meets the eye, as each of them takes us on their own journey through sound, music, and movement.

Stories and bodies intertwine as the commuters hidden lives, obsessions, and ambitions are revealed.


Emerge are four emerging artists based in Coventry who came together whilst performing with Highly Sprung Performance Company. Platform X has developed in particular from the Sprungsters workshops and Highly Sprung’s professional performance projects.

Liam Lewis, Luke Sheppard, Ben Morley and Claire Lambert all work professionally in local arts education projects, as both performers and teachers and are looking forward to bring this collaborative project to Shoot Festival this year.