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Munchkins and monsters

back in time for breakfast

A great show for children, and for adults who haven’t quite grown up just yet, join Munchkins & Monsters as they take you on a whirlwind trip around the world in Back In Time For Breakfast

Meet Millie, a young girl whose family live and work on a secluded lighthouse island. She dreams of exploring, travelling to amazing places and having lots of exciting adventures. One night she makes her wish on a shooting star. Little does she know that her wish will not only come true, but it will change her life forever when a mysterious and rather odd traveller crashes his ship on the island.

Together with your help they must go on a magical adventure to save the planet! Featuring playful puppetry, interactive sets and imaginative storytelling, Back in Time for Breakfast is sure to entertain and delight families


Munchkins and Monsters are a Rugby based company, lead by Dale Forder who has a passion and talent for creating children’s theatre.  With Back In Time For Breakfast the company have performed at a number of events including Stratford-Upon-Avon Arts Festival where it won ‘Best Childrens Show’ and was nominated for ‘Best Production’ and ‘Best New Writing’.

As a company they aim to inspire creativity in their audiences, as well as offering them heaps of fun and adventure at the same time.