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patrick russell


Patches is an original one-man play, written and performed by Patrick Russell, about family, love and laughing back at grief.

It is the night after the funeral. As he comes to terms with death, ‘Jack’ speaks to us, recounting memories of his childhood and looking back into the past. Spitting mandarin pips and learning how to fell a tree help Jack grapple with the loss of his father.

It is a play full of love and heart which hopes to have the audience laughing right through their tears.

(Directed by Lilith Brewer)


Patrick is a current English Student at the University of Warwick. He wrote his first play for Hull Truck Theatre’s Young Playwright Award in 2013 which was performed by their youth theatre, Patrick went on to win the award.

As well as writing Patrick acts, (he’s multi-talented like that), and so in Patches he has not only written the script but will also be presenting it on the day. He is eager to hear what you think of it, at the premiere of this new piece, on March 12th at Shoot Festival.

Patches will be directed by Lilith Brewer who is an English Literature MA student at Warwick University.