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Sound Stage Assistant Producer - Erin Brown, reflects on her time at SHOOT Festival 2019

Working at Shoot Festival as Assistant Producer for the Sound Stage was a really great experience. I had so much fun in this role and learnt a lot on the job.

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My favourite part about this role was you have a lot more responsibility than expected when going into the role. You hear the word ‘assistant’ and you think you will be doing all the rubbish jobs but there’s actually a lot of creative freedom. I felt my opinions and decisions were really trusted and respected by the directors of the festival. There’s a real team feel about the way we worked on the festival which is why it felt so enjoyable to me. I found it particularly enjoyable assisting with curating the line up. But surprisingly, I found the logistical side really fun too. I loved going to empty spaces and imagining it a place that would eventually be bursting with art and people, and seeing the final result after all the planning and work was a really great feeling.

My advice for the applications is to really let your enthusiasm shine through! You need to demonstrate any experience but remember that this is a fantastic opportunity to learn so maybe highlight what you want to learn and why you think Shoot would be good for this! You don’t have to have all the experience in the world for this role. It's there to develop your skill sets so remember that when applying!

Since Shoot Festival, I have taken quite a drastic and rapid dive into the music industry! I am currently working as head of PR and Marketing at a record label and music PR agency. I have also worked at numerous large sale music festivals on the production teams and managing artist liaison teams! In addition to this, I have set up my own music promotions company in the city where I produce and promote my own shows. I would love to have done more event work in this time but due to ‘you know what’ it has been a little bit difficult but I plan to explore this world more now things are opening up but due to my experience this is definitely possible!

My end goal would be to work full time on the production team of a festival that specialises in music. I think Shoot may have played a part in this dream as I loved experiencing the process of taking something from an idea and bringing it to life whilst helping great artists in the process!

10/10 recommend!

Erin Brown

Assistant Producer (Music)

Shoot Festival 2019

Want to be part of Shoot Festival 2022?

As part of our assistant producer training programme UNLeashed, we currently have 7 paid Assistant Producer opportunities to join our team. If you are interested and want to apply, click the link below. The deadline for applications is Monday 22nd November at 10am

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