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Berlin, July 2014. On the eve of the most important football match in German history the city is ablaze with expectation.

Sinking into this myopia is a young English writer: trapped in a Ladies’ toilet having drifted drunkenly bar to bar, having existed on a diet of caffeinated energy drinks and currywurst. With no story to tell, and no one around to hear it, he is an anathema to the city around him.

But all that is about to change.

Based on a true story, Clubmartyr is a one-man show about the paralysis of self-doubt and the audacity of perseverance.


Richard is a Coventry-born writer and was formerly assistant to artistic director Peter Flynn at the Hangar Theatre in Ithaca, New York before completing an artistic apprenticeship with Theatre Absolute upon his return home.

His play Powder was commissioned by Theatre Absolute for the ­100 Project and directed by Chris O’Connell, premiering at the Herbert Art Gallery in October 2013 before transferring to the War Memorial Park in August 2014. Richard has more recently became a founding member of And So Forth, a new theatre collective based in London, though lives and works in Coventry.