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susie sillett

im not like other girls

Susie used to hate women. Growing up with three brothers, she had to fight tooth and nail to prove that she could do anything they could. She was teased for being shrill, for being weak, for being stupid, for being a girl. She grew up saying things like: ‘I don’t understand women’, ‘I think like a man’ and ‘I’m not like other girls’.

Through a selection of serious/silly and personal/public stories, she will trace her journey from a misguided misogynist to a proud feminist, and explore how internalised misogyny and patriarchy can affect us all.


Susie has just graduated from The University of Warwick with a degree in Theatre and Performance Studies where she was awarded the Theatre and Performance Studies Student Prize. Her solo work has touched upon topics of contemporary interest such as feminism, depression, homelessness, drug addiction, Thatcherism, and domestic violence.

Susie is delighted to have had a very successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August this year where she received 3-5 star reviews for I’m Not Like Other Girls and is now excited to bring this performance back to its birth place in Coventry for Shoot Festival.