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tracy veck

how does it feel...?

How does it feel…? focuses on the body and how we relate to each other. Tracy explores the awkward moments of navigating a disabled body, and the reactions that it provokes, both from within herself, and from the outside, through intimate encounters with the audience.

How does it feel…? wishes to circumvent limits of lack… to play and be creative… and to invite others to explore and engage within this process.


Tracy is an emerging disabled artist who has a profound interest in how we look at ourselves and how we relate to others through comparisons and difference.

She has a background in creative movement shown in her involvement with Open Space Birmingham, where Tracy participated in improvisations led by professional dance artists. Tracy also enjoys creating expressionist paintings, though her main art medium is writing where she has explored poetry, prose and philosophical concepts.

Tracy likes to explore how the body can move in response to spoken word in her solo performances.