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When Susie first met her sister, she was blue and angry.

Abandoned outside an orphanage in China, she had a life-threatening heart condition and was afraid of strangers. Cheetah Sisters tells the story of how Rui was adopted into a White British family and explores her journey towards adulthood. Using song, dance and video, this funny, engaging and heart-warming tale takes us through the conflict of national and personal identity involved in inter-racial adoption, alongside the natural ups and downs of sisterhood.

Writer and theatre maker Susie Sillett is based in the West Midlands. Her past projects include: I'm Not Like Other Girls, performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2014), the inaugural Shoot Festival, and at the University of Warwick. Accidental Brummie, HOME Theatre and Bedlam Festival, which she wrote and performed as a member of the Birmingham REP’s 2015 Foundry writers programme. I Took My Mother for a Walk, a play developed as part of the Royal Court's Live Lunch programme, in collaboration with the Rep. Cov, a short play commissioned by The Old Red Lion; and Starting Out, a collaborative monologue piece with Women and Theatre. She is currently working on a community residency with the Rep and Nansen Primary School as part of Furnace. She is keen to write and make theatre that isn’t 'up its own bum'.

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