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A versatile dance artist specialising in contemporary dance theatre.

Dan Walsh creates narrative work, which connects with various audiences to create a platform of work anyone can enjoy.

Dan started choreographing throughout his time at university, performing at local festivals such as Footprint Dance Festival 2016 and parallel local events. He graduated in 2016 from the BA Hons Dance Studies course specialising in performance and choreography. During his time at university he had the opportunity to create and shadow emerging and established choreographers, which helped him develop his choreographic technique and style.

Since graduating from Roehampton in 2016, he has worked with small scale Dance Theatre companies such as Wriggle Dance Company on their national tour of Colour Of Me as an apprentice dancer and workshop facilitator. He has also worked with charities such as Wise Thoughts on their LBGT+ festival G-fest, which collaborates with LGBT+ artists. He returned to Roehampton to perform at Footprints Festival 2017 as a dancer.

His most recent work has included work with Daisy Moorcroft on her collaboration with Imagineer Productions on their Halloween Festival in 2017 as a dancer. He now wants to create his own work within Coventry and the surrounding area to bring his narrative to new audiences.

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