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Twins dressed the same from birth – still struggling to work out who they are – are they the same person?

Hopefully the box of tricks – a broomstick, a pair of odd socks, a pink dress and much more - will help them act out what makes them different. Knockabout comedy in an inimitable style by Jake Jarvis and Luke Greenwood – who may be but probably aren’t twins – but definitely joined at the hip.

In 2017 Open Theatre was awarded Arts Council of England’s National Portfolio funding to deliver a broad range of work centred around an Artist Professionalization Programme, which commenced in April 2018. The Talent Lab, aims to enable young people with learning disabilities to work towards becoming artists, performers, practitioners and creative enablers in the arts. In 2015 Open Theatre Company had supported the development of an association of independent emerging artists BecauseWeCanCanCan (BWCCC) with aspirations to become professional artists. Some of these emerging artists have been working with the OTC for over 17 years and have developed into strong performers and theatre makers in their own right. During Spring 2018 five members of BWCCC worked on a partnership project with Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre, Metro Boulot-Dodo and Open Theatre to create and tour Hansel & Gretel. Two of those members are now developing a physical theatre duo called Juke and Lake.

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