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This is an interactive piece with each poem laced with sounds from instruments, voices, applause and shouts, and invites the audience to take part and express themselves in these moments.

Inspired by the timeless words of Audre Lorde’s quote, ‘your silence will not protect you’, this one woman show recounts stories of Lanaire’s childhood 'through intricately woven poems: stories of loss – the loss of memory, misremembering and the forgetting of memory, through to stories of Black women’s resistance in several parts of the world.’

Lanaire Aderemi is a poet, playwright and performer and a second year sociology student at Warwick. She is President of Warwick Anti Sexism Society and Diversity and Outreach Officer of Warwick Drama Collective. She has been featured on the BBC, student radio and in Coventry Telegraph condemning institutional racism and sexism in universities. Lanaire has performed in several festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Lucid Lemons Festival in Lagos, Nigeria. Lanaire also wrote, produced and directed a play called ‘you did not break us’ which was seen by over 300 people in the UK last year. Since then, she has written, produced, directed and performed two one-woman plays at Warwick University and the Tristan Bates Theatre, London one of which is called ‘an evening with verse writer’ She is also a resident artist at the Birmingham Rep Theatre.

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