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Nina is an impressive multi-tasker. 
Chloe can’t wait to get back to work. Zara has never really had much purpose and Tegan goes with the flow.

Everyone talks about the rosy cheeks and the pride you feel when you become a mother. Women have been doing it for centuries so what’s the big deal? From breastfeeding, health visitors, to the impact giving birth has on your body, MAT1, which is based on verbatim stories, is witty, open and honest. Come and immerse yourself in the ups and downs of motherhood in this exciting first step of a new play.

There will be a touch tour before each performance and audio description is integrated within the dialogue. Babies and children are welcome to attend and get involved in the set.

Lucy is Associate Artist at The Old Rep Birmingham. She’s currently working across the East Midlands with Mighty Creatives as a member of the Splash Ensemble where she facilitates workshops for young people with specific needs at Curve Theatre. She is also being mentored by Craig Gilbert at Everyman Theatre Liverpool. She has completed the China Plate Theatre Optimist training programme and is now developing her understanding of creative spaces on the Spark Arts Vital Spark development programme. She is being supported by Curve Associate Director, Julie Thomas through Shape Free Reads and has been supported by Neil Reading at Arena Theatre Wolverhampton to develop her play Bordering on Chaos.

She is currently developing a play about Sabrina goddess of the river Severn which will be a large scale outdoor project involving a varied selection of artists and circus performers and has gained interest from the Imagineers. After taking part in RNIBs See the Funny Side she is developing her skills in comedy. In 2019 she applied for a residency with Talking Birds and through them will be applying for the RYTDS so she can work on the capsule project and support the development of the Difference Engine.

Lucy completed her Master of Philosophy in Playwriting Studies at Birmingham University in 2014, as well as a Writing for Radio Course with BBC Radio Editor Karen Brown. Lucy has trained and worked with Extant, Graeae and Hijinx Theatre and performed in plays at Manchester Fringe and RSC Courtyard Theatre.

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