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With a heady fusion of folk, classical and Bollywood dance, The Colours of India depicts major festivals celebrated across India.

"From Diwali to Eid and culminating in Navratri, each festival has its own specific set of rituals, beliefs and a unique backstory. Using various dance styles, ranging from the contemporary to the traditional, join us for this spectacular and exhilarating celebration! 

Sahyadri Friends Group, founded by Mrs Chaitrali S Chitre in October 2016, is a diverse mix of Indian families with a passion to respect the differences and celebrate diversities. Initiated with an objective to bring together talented and multi-faceted women, they’ve grown leaps and bounds to include all the members in the family. 
We plan, organise and execute about 30 activities around the year including but not limited to popular festivals such as Sankranti (festival of kites), Holi (festival of colours), Diwali (festival of lights), Ganesh Festival, Navratri, Eid, Christmas, etc. Moreover, we organise lots of activities for kids; such as art and craft, clay modelling, drawing and colouring, computer literacy and language (Marathi and Hindi) learning sessions.

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