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Venue: The Albany Theatre (Green Room)
Date: Monday 25th April
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Leaders: Little Earthquake
Places: 15


Who said registering as self-employed, figuring out your taxes, and writing mission statements for your new company wasn’t exciting?!

We get it. The admin of setting up a company, or just registering as self-employed, is a bit boring. But we’d like to do something about that.

Ok, we can’t crack out a disco ball or strap rockets to your tax return, but we can give you a fantastic workshop with the amazing Little Earthquake Theatre. Based in Walsall, Little Earthquake is a leading company in our region for delivering exciting, ambitious theatre and participation projects, including supporting emerging producers and organisations to develop their skills for the future.

In this workshop Co-Artistic Director Gareth Nicholls will cover the building blocks of starting up as a freelancer or a new company in the arts, exploring legality, logistics, and sustaining your creative vision in the long-term.

Little Earthquake are based in Walsall, in the heart of the Black Country. They strive to make exciting, inclusive, high quality theatre for a wide range of audiences in a wide range of locations, and to entertain, surprise, inspire, and intrigue audiences. Alongside their performance work they also run a wide-reaching participation and mentorship scheme, designed to increase engagement with audiences as well as students, emerging artists, established professionals, and educators.


Booking for all workshops opens on Mon 18th April

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