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Armed with a guitar and a pen, Ace Ambrose is a young eccentric singer-songwriter and poet with an old soul. Drawing on influences which include artists such as David Bowie, The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac, Ace explores multiple genre outside her era which ranges from rockabilly, blues to glam rock.

Her original songs tell fantastical tales and spread a positive message, using music, art and literature. 

Her recent EP ‘The Life and Death of Lady Fame’ demonstrates her varied musical styles and influences. The EP takes you on the journey throughout the ages. It tells the tale of a young female musician and her toxic love affair with rock n roll throughout the decades, with each song replicating the decade she is reliving and reimagining.

Follow Ace Ambrose on Twitter & Instagram @ace_ambrose and Facebook @aceambrosemusic


Indie rock four piece Candid bring with their music a classic, all out indie sound. With pounding rhythm and strong melodies, the boys provide a much loved indie sound that is favoured by many.  Combining anthemic choruses similar to the likes of Catfish and The Bottlemen and the driven sound of The Amazons, Candid deliver timeless, crowd pleasing tracks worthy of enthused mosh pits and plentiful singalongs. 

With an impressive track record, Candid have already opened for the likes of Scouting For Girls, The Hoosiers and are soon to support The Pale White. However, moving into the limelight in their own right, the boys have recently provided an energetic live set at their biggest, sold out, headline show yet, having appeared on the Godiva Festival main stage.  

Follow Candid on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @candidcov


Elisha Esquivel is a solo singer songwriter. Remarkably immediate and catchy, with production indebted to the likes of London Grammar, Ellie Goulding and Adele, Elisha's songs are layered with exquisite harmonies and a natural movement between words, emotion and expression that somehow meet on her music as if for the first time.

Elisha brings angelic vocals and romantic keys. One moment she’ll perform toe tappingly contantagious pop beats with tracks such as ‘Meet Me Here’ to the next, delivering heartbreakingly beautiful ballads with tracks such as ‘Come Home’. Elisha is armed with nothing more than a keyboard and her voice; delivering a stripped back set bursting with a concoction of genres and moods, Elisha is definitely one to watch.


Feisty is an innovative and unique female rapper, singer and lyricist representing a group that’s often neglected amongst the music industry. With grime being one of the most popular and most important music genres amongst the UK today, Feisty believes it is important for women to have a voice amongst this revolutionary music genre. 

Within her music, Feisty weaves in influences from R&B, Hip Hop and Dubstep whilst experimenting with elements of Afrobeats, to design a real underground sound to work alongside her lyrics.


Birthed from their friendship made at University of Warwick, Fey Militia is a four piece crafted and refined  by a blend of indie, pop-rock, with touches of blues and a dash of funk. Each band member  brings with them an entirely opposing music taste. Collaborating on their conconctional love of indie, funk, heavy metal and punk, Fey Militia provide musical skill inspired by all corners of music.  

From rock-steady rhythms, bass guitar with popping funk slaps and a jazz like groove, woven with catchy pop hooks and at times ambient and wistful lingering melodies - you’ll experience all this in the music of Fey Militia.


Formed in 2015, Fütumche! had plans of becoming a post-punk band. However, when it came to the natural process of songwriting and producing, they accidentally fell into a musical realm that stretches much further than this. With an assorted mix of all things rock; from alt rock to prog rock, combined with post-punk and hardcore punk all with a synth oriented, psychedelic twist.

Fütumche is a notoriously loud band, bringing an energetic, theatrical yet spooky appeal. Their music is heavy, loud and grungy with headbanging drumbeats and mosh-worthy guitar riffs. Their debut album ‘To the Withered Deity’ demonstrates the alternating twists and turns that come with this ever changing band.


Inspired by the wonders of the Kamasutra, Jaghana deliver a delicate, dream pop taste built on whirling riffs, elegant keys and synth induced samples combined with the soothing vocals/spoken word hybrid of Johnny Smyth. Indebted to the likes of Billie Holiday, Chet Baker and Nujables, Jaghana deliver an experimental yet soothing sound in their music. 

With words stolen from orgasmic wars, Jaghana’s musical exploration into one of life’s biggest wonders will make you fall into a dreamy trance of full of sexual mystery and synthy psychedelia. 

Follow Jaghana on Instagram & Facebook @jaghanamusic


"Taylor-Louise is an established singer-songwriter with an acoustic pop alternative style with elements of country and alternative rock.

Starting her musical career from a very young age, Taylor-Louise has years of performance experience from solo to full band shows, sold-out launches and headline events. Writing music driven by personal experiences and the highs and lows of human connection; Taylor’s music brings in unique and meaningful lyricism in coherence with toe tappingly, sing along worthy songs. 


The Ellipsis is a four piece indie, alt rock band made up of four established musicians in their own right. From music degrees, to qualified session artists, these boys are no strangers to musical performance. However, together these four local lads form what is known as The Ellipsis. A band with an energetic, bursting sound with a mountainous drive. They are a feel good, upbeat band with hooks catchy enough to hang your hat on and contagious guitar riffs that are left to linger in your head. 

They’ve already had tracks played on BBC Radio 1 and Kerrang Radio as well performing at the Ricoh Arena to 30,000 rugby fans. 

Follow The Ellipsis on Twitter & Instagram: @TheEllipsisUK and Facebook @The Ellipsis


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